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Corporate Philosophy

Producing high-quality products with creativity and ingenuity to contribute to the sustainability of business and society as a whole.

As a nation subject to frequent seismic events, Japan must prepare itself by fortifying cities and buildings against the destruction associated with epicentral earthquakes.

Nakajima Steel Pipe has been providing structural hollow sections as a high-performance construction material as well as superior advanced technologies. We have particularly advanced this technology since 1995, when we began manufacturing Japan’s exclusive hot formed structural hollow product, the Super Hot Column, as the most advanced of these technologies in Europe and other global markets.

Our more recent efforts continue the legacy of Nakajima Steel Pipe‘s manufacturing technology in keeping pace with the needs of the market.

Since its foundation in 1949, Nakajima Steel Pipe has maintained a dedicated focus on steel. It also consistently pursues R&D in its business as a social mission while bringing passion to the development of cutting-edge technology as a pioneering column manufacturer.

At Nakajima Steel Pipe, we believe that our manufacturing starts with human development. As the environment surrounding our manufacturing undergoes rapid changes, such as globalization and digitization, the key challenge lies in creating a mechanism for steadily handing down expertise to the next generation.

Above all, we cannot develop our human resources without nourishing our spirit. Insight is the very essence of technology. Nakajima Steel Pipe’s technology is being passed on to the future by conveying a passion for creating steel pipes and offering the right motivation.

We are committed to meeting your high expectations by providing steel pipe manufacturing technology with passion.

Nakajima Steel Pipe's vision