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Use of the Nakajima Steel Pipe Website

This website is owned by Nakajima Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. The contents of the website are protected under Japanese and international copyright laws, relevant treaties, and other regulations. Carefully review the following terms and conditions before using this site and do not use the site unless you agree to them.

Scope of Use

You are authorized to view, use, and download selected information published on the website. This authorization, however, excludes the use of Nakajima Steel Pipe’s patented or patent-pending technology. You are prohibited from copying, altering, distributing, transmitting, publishing, or posting information beyond this scope of use, either partially or in full.
You do not have the right to use any logo, trademark, or photograph contained in the website. Unauthorized use of content constitutes a violation of applicable copyright, trademark, civil, and criminal laws.

Changes to the Website

Nakajima Steel Pipe may change the content of the website without prior notice. It may also suspend or discontinue the operation of the website entirely at its own discretion. Nakajima Steel Pipe retains the right to change the content at any time and for any reason. Nakajima Steel Pipe shall not be held liable for any damage associated with operational updates or the suspension or discontinuation of the website.


Nakajima Steel Pipe may provide links directing users to websites operated by third parties for the convenience of its customers and other users. The responsibility for managing these sites lies with the related third parties and not with Nakajima Steel Pipe. Therefore, users shall assume full responsibility for accessing these sites. Nakajima Steel Pipe is not obliged to offer any guarantee or assume responsibility for any content, product, or service provided by websites accessed by the provided links, nor for any damages caused by their use.

Information Provided by Customers

Information and documentation provided by customers and users through the inquiry form on this website are deemed to have been provided with permission for Nakajima Steel Pipe to use, display, post, implement, send, or distribute, without limitation, irrevocably, globally, and without royalty payment. Nakajima Steel Pipe understands that it has been granted permission to freely use these ideas, concepts, and expertise.
This policy was established to avoid misunderstandings or disputes in the event that ideas or other information provided by users coincidently resemble undisclosed ideas or information independently generated by Nakajima Steel Pipe through its own R&D or other activities.


Nakajima Steel Pipe does not guarantee in any way the operation of the website, the accuracy of content contained herein, or the timeliness of website updates, which also include conformity with the website’s purpose, non-violation of third party rights, and other considerations. In addition, Nakajima Steel Pipe shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the website.
Please be advised that all information about the company and its products or the price of products published on the website have been provided for the convenience of users and is not intended as an offer for soliciting purchases or for other mandatory conditions and do not constitute any form of contractual agreement.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The use of the website and the interpretation and implementation of these terms of use are bound by Japanese law unless otherwise stipulated. The Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the initial trial of any dispute arising from the use of the website, unless otherwise stipulated.

Recommended System Requirements and Browser

The website is optimized for viewing on Internet Explorer ver. 6.0 or newer and Firefox ver. 1.5 or newer for Windows, or on Safari ver. 1.3 or newer and Firefox ver. 1.5 or newer for Mac OS X.
While this website is designed to offer greater convenience by accommodating upgrades in browser versions as required, please be advised that we may be unable to ensure the stable operation of some functions due to undisclosed defects on the part of specific browsers.